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15 Feb Finding quality service apartments in Dubai

Firstly, longer stays in Dubai should not be more expensive for travelers than desirable. To accomplish this, ditch the luxury hotels in Dubai and opt for the more reasonable and comfortable hotel apartments present here. Before you rent an apartment in Dubai, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Firstly, you should always be careful about the kind of apartment you opt for.
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12 Feb Tips on proper hospitality and etiquette

From the best hotel in Dubai to the most luxurious Jumeirah beach hotel, you’ll find something in common everywhere, namely the top class hospitality. Staff at the best hotels in Dubai always follows proper etiquette and other rules when it comes to serving guests impeccably and keeping them comfortable and happy at all times. Service and etiquette in Dubai’s hotels are at par with the best international hospitality addresses.
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22 Jan Unique activities for Dubai tourists

Sightseeing in Dubai is not just about visiting the grand amusement parks, malls and other regular delights. Dubai offers several unique and novel attractions which will certainly give you experiences worth cherishing for eons. These experiences are off the beaten track and promise to give you a slice of Dubai that you never thought you’d stumble upon! The Spice Souk is one such destination which you should certainly explore. You can spend a relaxing day at the Spice Souk where you can take in the lilting aromas of saffron, turmeric, potpourri blends, vanilla and chilli among other exotic spices. You can even get hold of some dates and these spices as gifts for friends. This experience will certainly be a...

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21 Jan Tips for hotel management

When it comes to hotel authorities and people dealing majorly with customers, it is important not to talk more than required. This is difficult for most employees as they are always eager to express their insights and directions along with recommendations for guests. However, this is not polite for other guests who cannot really finish their sentences and thoughts without hotel managers butting in with their suggestions. Always wait for customers to finish their sentences and ask before you offer a suggestion. Always keep it casual and impersonal wherever possible. Practice absorbing questions and information swiftly before offering a solution to customers. You should always understand what is communicated and then respond instead of offering vague and confusing responses to...

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