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  • June 11, 2019
  • Golden Sands Hotel - Sharjah

We are looking for Waiter/ F&B Associate with Golden Sands Hotel Apartments responsible for serving guests in a friendly, timely, and efficient manner to deliver an excellent guest experience while having extensive knowledge of menu offerings. Suitable candidate should have following skills:

  • Service oriented, hospitable and positive attitude.
  • Good communication skills in English or Arabic or both.
  • Committed to delivering high levels of customer service.
  • Excellent grooming standards.
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills.
  • Excellent telephone & customer service skills
  • Basic knowledge of Food Hygiene Regulations.

Job Description

  • Provide friendly, professional and efficient F&B Service to all guests ensuring maximum guest satisfaction in a manner consistent with Golden Sands Hotel Apartments standards.
  • Maintain an efficient workflow by adhering to the Sequence of Service and all timeframes and standards detailed in relevant SOPs in the F&B Standards Manual.
  • Identify customer needs and expectations correctly, including those with special needs, and provide appropriate products, services or information.
  • Process all F&B payment methods in accordance with accounting procedures and policies of Golden Sands Hotel Apartments.
  • Follow control audit standards, stock inventory, correct posting standards, cash and credit card handling procedures and ensure that the your float and cash sales are balanced at the end of your shift.
  • Obtain assigned Cash float for assigned outlet and ensure accuracy of contracted monies, obtaining change required for expected business level, and keeping the cash float secure at all times.
  • Meet all reasonable needs and requests of customers within acceptable time frame and S.O.P
  • Active promotion of in-house sales by optimal knowledge of all the services of the hotel and the opening times and promotions of all Food & Beverage outlets.
  • Identify and take all opportunities to enhance the quality of service, recognize customer dissatisfaction promptly and take action to resolve the situation according to individual level of responsibility.
  • Keep yourself updated with the yearly / monthly F&B budget and work towards it.
  • Offer assistance to colleagues when required, to ensure designated work goals are met and demonstrate trust, support and respect towards team members in day-to-day work activities.
  • Conduct communication with customers and colleagues in a polite, professional and friendly manner.
  • Seek assistance from other team members, Captains, Supervisors and Manager when required, and coordinate and cooperate with all the restaurant and kitchen staff.
  • Inspect the restaurant area to ensure that tables have been reset properly; all tables, chairs and under table areas have been cleaned after clearing; and all supplies have been replenished.
  • Maintain all serving stations in excellent condition.
  • Ensure complete knowledge of menu, restaurant promotions, daily specials and upsell food and beverage items at all possible times.
  • Taking guest’s food and drink orders according to operational standards and ensure accuracy of items ordered and guest preferences.
  • Communicate additional meal requirements, allergies, dietary needs, special requests to the kitchen and deliver all orders promptly to the kitchen as per the set ordering procedures.
  • Pick up all orders promptly and inspect all Food & Beverage orders before serving, for appearance, temperature and correctness.
  • Assist in clearing tables as necessary and resetting the restaurant and back area as per set guidelines, restaurant standards and procedures.
  • Wiping glasses, cutlery and crockery and to ensure proper and correct handling of all equipments to reduce breakage costs.
  • Flexibility to work night, weekend and on holidays, whenever needed.
  • Complete opening and closing duties including setting up necessary supplies and stock, cash float, monitors temperature control sheets for chillers and freezers, designated closing cashier reports, resolve any discrepancies, drop off receipts, and proper handovers to the next shift associate and ensuring everything is in working order.


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