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The importance of Dubai Creek

A view of the Dubai Creek Harbor is one of the most breathtaking encounters, defining the authentic beauty embedding the history of Dubai. However, this beauty is not fully comprehended without sharing the historical significance of the Dubai creek neighborhood.

The mesmerizing stretch of Dubai Creek is a sight to behold.
The enthralling stretch of Creek

The Creek area is a glorious stretch of natural saltwater course, situated in the heart of Dubai. The stretch extends for up to 9 miles, creating ports for various transport and trade, lodging the hub for Dubai’s fishing activities. Present day, the area stretches through Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary, going as far as the Persian Gulf. Some extensive construction initiated in the 1950’s saw the creation of crossing bridges, which gave the area access to neighboring places. This in turn enabled the invention of Abras, which present day are being used as a form of taxi transportation across the stretch and a fun experience for the tourists as they take a ride across the creek waters.

Over the years, Dubai Creek has grown to become a famous tourist zone, lodging a number of hotels and attractions. Many are attracted by the Creeks’ historic structure that has defined the districts fame. The structure oozes with neat mystique architecture, displaying a traditional ambience of the Emiratis deep rooted culture. The Creek divides two major districts in Dubai, namely Deira and Bur Dubai which are the heart of Dubai’s heritage. The Bur Dubai creek area is specially known for the Baniyas tribe that first settled in the area during the 19th century. The tribe is also known to have established the famous Al Maktoum ancestry in the city. Present day, the famous al Maktoum Bridge situated in the Creek was named in honor of this dynasty which connects Bur Dubai and Deira. Also built in the Creek area is the splendorous floating bridge which was erected so as to reduce traffic on the Al Maktoum Bridge. It’s an exciting aspect for tourists once they get to realize they will be crossing a bridge floating on the Creek waters.

With the warm Dubai weather, the Creek releases a fresh breeze of air, cooling off sightseers and tourists alike. The area provides high standard hotels, with some five star hotels gaining maximum traction from the Dubai tourism influx. Golden Sands Hotel Creek, Radisson Blue Hotels and the Dubai culture-oriented hotel Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai are some of the hotel destinations situated in Dubai Creek. These hotels provide services that allow tourists to experience the traditional aura displayed in the Creek area with hotels such as the Golden Sands Hotel Creek providing luxury boutique services, waterfront views stretching as far as the infamous Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame. The area has amazing old-style souks with the Gold Souk, Al Ras and the Baniyas being the most famous old-style souk shopping spots for tourists. Coupled with floating dining Restaurants and a number of Restaurants presenting a variety of cuisines, the Creek is a complete buffet of travel fun for all.

To top off a Creek experience, a little something for the business minded tourist is neatly woven in the fabric of the Dubai’s history. Economic expeditions that were formed in the Creek established Dubai’s main economic sector. With its vast marine life flowing from the gulf water, Dubai Creek established a strong fishing industry creating a hub of water life trade in Dubai. Dhows were built on the foreshore of the creek to support the fishing activities. These Dhows form part of the harbors beauty with tourists often having their picture moments neatly embedded on a background displaying the mystique Dhows.


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