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Top Italian Restaurants in Dubai 2022

Check out the latest and greatest Italian Restaurants that have opened their doors in Dubai. The top 5 Italian restaurants you can goto in 2022 while visiting Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

One of the most popular culinary expressions across the Globe, are Italian cuisine based dishes. With recipes, styles and techniques having emerged from the Italian Peninsula, the rest of the world adopted the deeply rooted cuisine, creating its reputation across the continents. Dubai is no stranger to the aromas of delectable Italian food.

Present day, Dubai has a number of Italian Restaurants, with vast options to select from when looking for an Italian treat. The Italian cuisine is mostly famous for its flavor filled pizza recipes, its delectable pasta dishes and mouthwatering seafood recipes. Italian restaurants top off their amazing culinary skills with amazing interiors that add an ambience of Italian tradition and aura. Dubai is known as one of the most famous Food and Beverage destinations and the Italian Restaurants neatly display the tourist destinations status with a multiple of dishes in the most exquisite etiquette. In no specific order below Italian culinary destinations are a must visit:

Little Italy

Little Italy is popularly known for its pure veg style, appealing to the vast growing number of vegan diners. Located it Karama, it can be reached easily from Golden Sands Hotel Creek by following direction maps HERE.


For the non-vegan eaters, Buonissimo Italian Restaurant will serve you with deliciously serve pasta dishes and deeply seasoned meat options, topped up with melt in your mouth sweet treats. Perfect for your family dining moments, the Restaurants is reputable for its brick oven pizzas. With a cozy, Italian themed indoor sitting and an out door sitting area over looking the Creek, Buonissimo provides the perfect backdrop for delicious Italian food.

Buonissimo Italian Restaurant is located on the lobby level at Golden Sands Hotel Creek, which can be easily reached via following the direction map HERE.


For an authentic Italian experience, Massimo’s is the place to be, with the Restaurant offering all types of crunchy, sweet, neatly spiced and seasoned dishes. The Restaurant is often identified as the Italian food joint that takes one back to Italy creating a new discovered love for Italian food.

Massimo's can be easily reached from Golden Sands Hotel Creek via following the direction map HERE.


Then we have, famously known for its mind blowing breakfast selection Ballaro. The Restaurant has attracted eaters from across continents who have marveled at their deliciously cooked steak and assorted pastries. Easily accessible via the following direction map HERE.


Only mentioning a few, we then have Vilvadi Restaurant, known for its access to a beautiful view of the Creek stretch and breathtaking interior. The Restaurant serves customers with a delicious menu selection, allowing its diners to celebrate memorable moments with a touch of the Restaurants superb dishes.

All year round Italian Restaurants in Dubai pop up the most amazing recipe combinations attracting over 1000 reviews online from across the Globe. A Dubai visit is no visit without experiencing the Italian cuisine treat.



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